The infamous 6.6kW system

The infamous 6.6kW system​

Everyone that is looking into buying a solar system. Must have come across the promotion or quote for the 6.6kW Single Phase system. We are often quite perplexed when a customer thinks they should also get the 6.6kW system just because their neighbour or friend got the same system size. Before even letting us do our job to analyse their usage profile and roof space.​

Why is it popular?​

Let us dive down what exactly a 6.6kW system is? This system comprises of 5kW Inverter and 6.6kW solar panels. It was made popular due to less complexity in the paperwork for the installation. And it used to be the easiest way to install without doing too much calculation, design, and sizing. Pretty much a cookie cutter solution to close a deal and go.​

Downward trend​

Referring to our time in the distribution game, in 2012, the percentage of 5kW inverters that were sold in the market occupied more than 60% of the total inverter volume. This number has gradually been reduced to around 35% in 2022 and the downwards trend is predicted to continue.​

What caused the downward trend of 5kW inverters?​

Through the product evolutions, many manufacturers come out with more sizing options and bigger single-phase inverters for a good reason. These product availability helps to fill in the gaps that were not possible to be achieve before.​

Homeowner also become more aware of their energy needs and we can’t ignore the fact that household energy usage continues to shift into electricity due to the soaring gas price and the popularity of electric vehicles.​

What is our take on this?​

Not denying that 5kW might still be the most popular inverter size. However, it is not necessarily the best choice to cover your demand.
While we are happy to serve you according to your wishes, we strongly belief you deserve to know what kind of system suits your needs based on the data you provided.​

Just like buying a tailored suit, you will want the tailor to take your measurements to be able to produce the best fitting suits for your body shape, therefore they are paid for, their expertise worth more than just the materials.​

Buying a solar system is similar, you need to make sure that it serves your purpose and for that reason. We are here to provide you that Bespoke experience and once in your solar journey, let us do the thinking for you. Get your quote today.​