Your Partner in Solar

Giving you power and control, now and into the future

Bespoke Solar is Melbourne’s solar customisation specialists. We provide individual, customised expertise to find solar solutions that fit your business or property, needs and lifestyle.

For our residential clients, we take into account all of the specifics of your property to design the best solar solutions for your property and lifestyle.

Our business clients have a diverse range of energy needs, which is why we never settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. Our consultation process is thorough and detailed, and we follow every project through to its completion giving your business the individual attention it deserves.

Bespoke Solar is the brainchild of solar industry veterans Christopher Homann and Nitalia Slamet. With over 10 years of solar experience in both Germany and Australia, Christopher and Nitalia will expertly assist you to choose the most suitable products for your needs.

“Our footprint in the Australian Solar industry started in early 2012 when we left Germany with an idealistic belief in the Australian sun and just one suitcase for each of us. Starting up a solar distribution business in a new country with just the two of us was, of course, not a simple task, especially when shortly after we arrived the government policy for incentives and feed-in tariff were implemented to our disadvantage.

Despite all the ups and downs we have been through, we managed to grow the
company into one of Australia’s top solar wholesalers, with a strong reputation in customer service and technical knowledge.

After 10-years of local experience, and 2 children that called themselves Australian, we decided to start a new chapter with Bespoke Solar. This has enabled us to serve homeowners and business owners directly, and transport the message from the manufacturers and brands features to the broader public that is usually stuck in between the supply chain.

We have had the eye-opening experience to be in contact with many homeowners that have had issues with their solar system, but were left alone by their retail companies to cope with it alone. With that in mind, Bespoke Solar is fully committed to provide you with honest consultation and utmost care.”

Christopher and Nitalia have supplied solar to thousands of homes and businesses across Australia and the Pacific. Their experience in working with many solar products and brands as well as with hundreds of businesses has given them in-depth knowledge of the industry - both its good and its dark sides.

Out of this extensive experience Bespoke Solar has been born. We believe in a client-centred approach, delivering professional, personalised service and innovative solutions to your individual situation. Bespoke Solar is committed to providing you with honest consultation, attention to detail, and a solar system that serves the purpose you need.

Bespoke Solar is a multicultural team of genuine people that are highly trained in all things solar. We are proud of our friendly, professional and inclusive workplace – we believe we truly represent Australia in a small ecosystem with our diversity and work ethic.

Visit us in our Bayswater showroom or book a free session with one of our consultants to get insider tips on your installation and find out about industry secrets the other retailers never reveal.

There are many reasons to choose solar power, be it energy independence, financial gain or climate action.
Whatever your reason is, we look forward to helping you achieve your solar goal at Bespoke.