happy family with solar

Battery and System size upgrade

This time we will feature a system upgrade case for a family home of 5 (4 adults and 1 toddler) in Wantirna South.​

They came to us for a consultation on how to extend their solar system to a size that is future proof. That can accommodate their extra usage in the future as well as a battery storage. So they can use their own produced electricity at night and at the same time to get a quality system that fits their budget.​

​Status Quo​

Our customer has an existing 4.5kW system that was installed by another provider around 6 years ago. Living with extended family and another child in planning. They noticed that their solar system is getting too small to cover their daily usage.​ They are also planning to add another 2 split systems and an electric vehicle in the future and worry that those extras devices will impact their electricity bill significantly.​

The Process​

After going through some analysis, site inspection and budget discussion. We agreed to cover most of the available roof space for a new system.​ Since the existing system used a Fronius inverter. It is natural that the new one should also be using Fronius Battery Inverter. So we can connect both inverters to get the monitoring done in one platform and to achieve the maximum performance to charge the batteries.​

​Battery Choices & Rebate​

To stay within their budget, we went with 11kWh BYD battery bank for the initial stage. The battery capacity is expandable should they require a bigger one later.​ As they never received Solar Victoria rebate previously. They also received $2950 rebate on the battery.​

​Life after the upgrade​

This family has gone from a 4.5kW system with 4kW Fronius Inverter. To a system with 11.1kW panels capacity and 11kWh BYD Battery Bank along with Fronius 9kW combined battery and grid connect Inverter.​ This upgrade helps the young family to enjoy great cost savings and gives them the flexibility on using their devices without worrying about the bill.​ Importantly their house is now equipped with a solid blackout protection from the battery during power outage which is handy for family with young kids or elderly.​

Tile roof installation challenge​

The homeowner mentioned that they had issue with roof leakage after the installation of their previous system. They want to make sure that the same issue is not happening again.​ As a complementary service we did overall health check on the remaining of the roof tiles. And cleaning on existing solar panels to make sure no other tiles are in bad condition. Needing to be replaced immediately and that the system is performing properly.

Interested to add battery to your solar system or to increase your system capacity? Contact us or book your consultation session.​