best solar panel installers

Why is it important to choose the best solar panel installers?

Switching to solar energy is one of the smartest decisions given the positive environmental impact and the economic benefits of the huge savings that come with switching to this clean energy source. If you do decide to switch to solar, do a lot of research and comparison before finalizing which solar companies and brands to invest in to ensure a truly hassle-free investment. is important and highly recommended. Best solar panel installers will ensure a seamless transition to solar energy.

The Importance of a CEC Certified Solar Installer​

An important tip for making the transition to solar for your home or business as smooth as possible. Is to ensure that the actual installation of your solar system is done by a licensed professional. Ensuring that your home or business installation process is handled by a CEC certified solar installer with a proven track record that has been thoroughly researched, ensures smooth and reliable after-sales, even in the rare event of an issue.​

How Solar Installers Manage Warranties​

Most inverters sold in Australia come with a 5-10 year product warranty. Many of these solar inverters can be connected to your home’s internet. Allowing you to conveniently monitor system performance and solar power production. Best solar panel installers should perform regular online battery health checks to ensure optimal performance. ​

Choose a solar system backed by a good warranty and don’t forget to request a warranty certificate. This ensures that you are covered in the event of a malfunction or problem with your solar panel. ​

It is highly recommended to ensure that your solar installer is CEC certified and licensed. Because the Clean Energy Council (CEC) is the supreme body representing Australia’s clean energy sector. It’s an industry associated with more than 600 member companies active in the fields of renewable energy and energy conservation. Certification from the Clean Energy Council certifies solar installers who have completed the training required to design and install solar, battery, and other renewable energy systems. CEC certified solar installers and designers are the most trusted solar installers in the Australian market, working only to quality standards and producing systems that are safe, reliable and meet customer expectations over the long term.​

Bespoke Solar only works with CEC accredited installers to guarantee you with best solar panel installers. Contact us now for expert advice on the best products and installations.​