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Why Cookie Cutter Solar System is Not Good For You​

A cookie-cutter solar system refers to a one-size-fits-all approach. Where a company offers the same size, products, services, and experiences to all customers without considering their unique needs and preferences. While this approach may seem to be cost-effective and attractive financially. It can lead to several problems in the long run.​

​Here are some reasons Why you should not fall for the marketing trick.​

​Missing out on savings and benefits​

Since your energy bill and your house specific needs are not the main consideration to decide the size and products that need to go into the system. You are missing that important part of the potential benefit and savings.​

Inflexible and not future proof​

Solar system is meant to be a long-term investment and solution. That means your system should not outdated too quick and can still perform well covering your energy needs for at least the next 20years. If you only have a standard size. You might notice quite quick that you actually need to upgrade the system size. While upgrading a solar system is do able. It will cost you more than having a proper size system from the beginning on.​

Spending too much​

The worse scenario that can happen. The system is actually just not for you. You might not really need that infamous 6.6kW system on your roof. In this case you could have invested smaller amount of money. And get a better return on investment as well as a more efficient usage of your system by having a smaller system that is tailored specifically to your needs.​

Talk to us about what you want to achieve, budget and savings potential. We are happy to assist you to choose the solar system and solar panels solutions according to your lifestyle and budget.​

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