What makes a bespoke Solar system stand out

What makes a Bespoke Solar System stands out?

As the name suggests, a bespoke system is a custom-built solution designed specifically to meet your unique needs and requirements.​ In Bespoke Solar, we respect that every family or business is unique and has different needs. What works for others not necessarily will work for you. We would like to accompany you in your solar journey to get the best system for your circumstances.​

​Confusion in choosing products​

Unlike the general white goods brands that target their marketing at end consumers. Solar products are marketed specifically to the installers or retailers but not to the home/ business owners.​This unfamiliarity on the brands, product information and technicality created a big knowledge gap in the end consumer market which is responsible to the uncertainty and confusion in choosing the right system.​

To deal with this, we decided to provide you with a bespoke solution rather than giving you package options to choose which require you to spend time doing the research and doing comparison studies on your own to get even more confused by the information out there.​

The beauty of a Bespoke solution:
​Tailored to specific needs​

A bespoke system is designed to meet the exact requirements of the customer. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution. This means that the system is tailored to the specific needs of the property owners, making it more efficient and effective than an off-the-shelf solution.​

Competitive Advantage​

A bespoke system can surprisingly be a more affordable solution in the long run than a standard package. Since it is tailored to your needs and budget, its return on investment and performance can overtake the standard system.​

Greater Flexibility​

A bespoke system can be easily customized and adapted to meet changing needs and future requirements. Taking an example of a Fronius/ Goodwe system with upgradable battery inverter. With the latter you can have a grid connect system without adding the battery directly. Furthermore, the battery size can be expanded to accommodate your needs accordingly. The same case when you decide its time to get an EV. You can add an EV charger that can control the energy sources and all these devices can be managed through one application.​

Increased Control​

With a bespoke system, you don’t need to stick with the standard procedure like the common one. Inverter should be placed close the main switchboard even when that is not the most ideal place to install it. How you would like to accommodated the system. Of course, there will always be​ boundaries and limitation how far we can go to still compliance with the regulations, however with Bespoke approach, as the system owner you will have more possibilities to choose the products and functionality that serve your lifestyles.​

If you are looking into getting a new system or upgrading your existing one, simply contact us to discuss about your solar requirement.​