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Commercial solar service

Give Your Business The Edge With Commercial Solar in Melbourne.

Commercial solar systems are a game-changer for businesses, offering a wide array of benefits, including substantial cost savings. When you invest in commercial solar, your business can effectively reduce expenses and optimize financial returns. Let’s explore the ways in which commercial solar power installation can revolutionize your bottom line:

Maximize your energy production and minimize your energy bills.

We are CEC-certified and specialist commercial solar contractors in Melbourne. When you partner with reputable commercial solar installers in Melbourne having a decade of industry expertise like us, you gain access to our extensive knowledge.

Our solar experts will assess your business’s energy needs, design a bespoke solar system, and handle the entire commercial solar power installation process with precision and professionalism, keep your commercial solar panel maintenance cost down.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Energy in Melbourne

Abundant Sunshine

Melbourne receives an average of over 4 hours of sunshine per day throughout the year. The actual solar power produced will vary by location, orientation, amplifier, as well as the angle of inclination and components.

Solar Rebates

Solar power have never been more affordable in Australia, thanks in part to federal government subsidies. Since 2014, Melbourne-based companies have reduced the cost of a fully installed commercial system by as much as 40%.

Low Maintenance

Solar systems generally have few moving parts and do not require regular maintenance. After installation, the service life of a photovoltaic system is 25 to 30 years. The inverters are typically replaced every 10 to 15 years, while the modules themselves only require electrical inspection every 5 years.

Tax Breaks and Immediate Savings

PV companies get financing packages and flexible repayment options that may be fully tax-deductible. That means loan repayments are less than electricity bill savings. So, almost any solar system installation in Australia can generate positive cash flow from day one.

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Power Your Business with Bespoke’s Commercial Solar

Bespoke Solar is a leading commercial solar company in Victoria, and we specialize in delivering tailored solutions for small and large businesses. Our team of trained and qualified commercial solar panel contractors will design and implement a cutting-edge solar panel installation for your commercial buildings.

Let Bespoke Solar take your business to the next level -ask us for a quote today!

Commercial Solar Systems – Annual Savings

The annual solar savings will also depend on the size of the commercial solar system, the average daily energy it generates and local electricity grid rates.

Solar System Size
Average Daily Generation (kWh)
Annual Solar Generation (kWh)
Assumed Rate Paid by Business*
Annual Savings (assumes 70% self-consumption)
$0.25 per kWh
$0.20 per kWh
$0.18 per kWh
$0.15 per kWh
$0.12 per kWh

Why Commercial Solar?

Commercial solar service

Commercial Solar Systems -What To Consider

It is important to choose commercial solar system installers who have the knowledge and can explain them to guide you to make informed decisions. From determining the optimal size of the solar panel system for commercial buildings to assessing the potential cost savings, every aspect requires careful consideration. We understand factors such as solar installation complexity, roof-orientation, location and maintenance play a vital role in the success of propelling your business for more return on your solar investment and a sustainable future.

Commercial Solar Repair and Maintenance

Solar panels are a significant investment for any business. Maximize your investment with our expert commercial solar repair and maintenance services. Well-maintained solar panels for commercial buildings will ensure their efficiency, smooth running, as well as increase your ROI.

Why Choose Bespoke’s Commercial Solar?

The cost will vary with the size, quality and complexity of the installation. Commercial solar panel systems can cost anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ask for a site visit and get quotes from installers with good expertise installing commercial solar at Melbourne businesses, like we do. We get that every property is unique, and every business has a budget. Ask us about our financing options.

Modern solar panels last 25 years on average and the manufacturer’s warranty is also for a maximum of 25 years. Solar panel lifespan does increase with quality monitoring/ maintenance services, and an expert installation.

Gross metering measures the total power generated by your solar panels and consumed in your premises. This type of metering is applicable in areas with a gross feed-in tariff, such as the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). With gross metering, you receive the gross feed-in tariff for all the power you generate and pay the usage tariff for all the power you consume.

On the other hand, net metering measures only the difference between your solar power system’s production and your consumption. It calculates the amount of power you import separately from the amount you export and is used in regions with a net feed-in tariff, such as NSW and Victoria. With net metering, you receive the net feed-in tariff for the surplus power you generate, and you pay the usage tariff for any power you import.

The capacity of a solar panel system depends on factors, such as the system’s size, the quantity of sunlight it receives, and the efficiency of the panels. Typically, a 5-kW solar panel system can produce approximately 7,000 kW hours of electricity per year, sufficient to power a standard household. 10-kW systems can generate about 13,000 kW hours of electricity per year, on average.

China is a world leader in solar manufacturing and development and if you look at any top 10 supplier, you’ll find China’s involvement. Bespoke Solar installs solar panels, inverters and batteries from Chinese makers, such as Trina, Jinko, and Goodwe.

Solar power is an investment and the time it takes to profit will depend on the initial investment cost, system size, usage patterns, and the feed-in tariff received from the grid. For businesses that receive a premium feed-in tariff and have minimum usage, the payback period could be below 3 years. For companies with high energy consumption that do not qualify for the premium feed-in tariff, the payback period could extend to nearly 7 years.

The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) is the primary financial incentive provided by the Federal Government to community organizations and small businesses for adopting solar power. This scheme enables a solar power system to generate Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs), which can be sold to partially offset the system’s cost. STCs have superseded the earlier Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Unlike STCs, feed-in tariffs provide ongoing financial incentives instead of a one-time price reduction. These tariffs are typically added to your electricity account by your energy provider for any energy your solar system feeds back into the grid. Tariff rates do vary and are specific to the provider. In addition, some state governments, such as Victoria, offer various Solar for Business Rebate Programs to eligible businesses on the Solar Victoria website.

Besides lowering electricity bills, there are business programs and feed-in tariffs in Australia that help small businesses. There are also government incentives/ rebates and tax breaks from loan repayments. Going solar is a long-term investment for businesses. Other long-term gains include profiting from electricity bills, higher property valuations, improving public image, helping the local community, and building a sustainable business for the future.