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6 Things Solar Companies in Victoria Keep Quiet About

It’s no secret that installing solar panels in your home has many benefits, such as reducing your monthly energy bills and carbon footprint. However, it’s a good idea to acknowledge that there are certain lesser-discussed downsides you should be acquainted with. This blog reveals what facts most solar companies in Victoria frequently omit, to help empower you to make a more informed decision. Whether you’re searching for the best solar installers in Victoria or navigating the solar landscape, these tips will help you avoid some potential pitfalls.

What solar installers in Victoria don’t discuss with you?

Victoria has witnessed a surge in solar energy adoption as homeowners seek eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions. However, many solar companies Victoria has to offer tend to focus solely on the benefits, failing to address certain important considerations. Here are six things they commonly omit:

Waning Solar Panel Efficiency: Solar panels experience a gradual decline in efficiency as they age, resulting in reduced output. While most panels come with performance warranties that guarantee specific energy production levels over a designated timeframe, it’s important to understand that degradation rates can vary among manufacturers and technologies.

Fine Print in Warranties: Most solar companies in Victoria provide manufacturer and installation warranties, but it’s crucial to scrutinize the fine print. Some warranties may not cover the product’s entire lifecycle or specific components. Understanding the terms and conditions of your warranty will help you anticipate potential costs or challenges that may arise in the future. We stand behind our products and services and offer comprehensive warranties, explaining them clearly for our customers’ peace of mind.

Pollution Created by Solar Manufacturers: Making solar panels involves various materials, rare metals and chemical processes, which can leave an environmental footprint. Certain panels may even utilize hazardous chemicals or rely on energy-intensive production methods. That is why we try our best to choose solar companies that integrate sustainable manufacturing practices.

Homes with Low Electricity Bills May Not Need Solar: Solar panels generate power that offsets grid consumption. Yet, if you live in a location with nominal electricity expenses or possess modest energy usage, the financial rewards from solar panel installation may be small. Scrutinizing your energy utilization and potential savings becomes essential before committing to solar power.

Solar Suitability Hinges on Your Property: Not all properties are created equal! You might need to cut down trees that give shade and make your home or garden look beautiful. Your roof structure may need to be strengthened to structurally support solar panels. Overshadowing from adjacent buildings, roof orientation, and available space also play a part and impact solar panel efficiency. Prior to installation, we conduct a site visit and run a thorough site assessment. This is crucial to determine whether your property qualifies and is safe for solar installation.

Differentiating the Best from the Worst Solar Panel Companies!

In the solar industry, not all companies are created equal. While there are reputable and CEC-accredited solar installers in Victoria, others may fall short of expectations. Conducting thorough research, reading customer reviews, and seeking recommendations will help you identify the best solar installers in Victoria while avoiding the not-so-great ones.

Contact Melbourne’s solar customisation specialists!

Going solar is a long-term investment and we’re focused on long-term relationships with our customers. It is important to us that you make an informed decision about your solar investment. Estimating your electricity costs and usage are pivotal in deciding if you should go solar at all and your local solar installer in Victoria will help you with that decision.

So, the next time you go searching for “solar installers Victoria”, remember to check for accreditations and choose from Victorian government-approved solar installers like Bespoke Solar. Our promise to you is personalised, high-quality products and services at every step of your solar journey. We will provide transparent quotes and warranties, including after-sales support, monitoring and maintenance services with our installations. Visit our Bayswater, Victoria showroom or Book a consultation on our website or call 1300 XPRESS (1300 977377).